GEORGETOWN, DE – Manager Selwyn Young feels really good about the Redbirds chances after his selections during this years draft.

The RedBirds have a few familiar faces that are looking to make a team out of camp this season in 2017 Rookie of the year Christian Nazario Cruz, Raul Shah, and Ace Dimitri Nunez.

Young, RedBirds new manager, along side GM Josh Velasquez, made every selection they wanted and feel really good about their chances to get back to the finals this season.

The RedBirds will travel to Old Orchard Beach out of camp to face the team they beat last season in the final game. It will be interesting to see how the new RedBirds will look in 2018 as the rosters will be filled at the end of camp on Friday.

“I am very pleased with my guys. We have truly become a team very quickly. Just watching them play together and work together and become a team so fast is one of the things that I’m most excited about.” -Manager Selwyn Young

The RedBirds will open their home stand following the 19th of June against the Old Orchard Beach Surge at Chip Cummings Field.

The Redbirds roster will be finalized on the 8th.

Article by Empire Media

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