PLATTSBURGH, NY –   For many, playing baseball at any level of professional baseball is more than a dream.  It is the ultimate achievement for all the hard work put in to the sport since a very young age.  But  this dream comes with many sacrifices at all levels. It usually involves long travels, expensive living and the most difficult of them all, long amounts of time spent away from  family.  It is  a very rare occurrence that a player gets to play Professional Baseball, but  it is even more  rare to  get the dream  opportunity right in the town where you are from, or went to college in.

This is a story about not only how wonderful it is to bring a new Professional baseball Franchise to the Region and Town of Plattsburgh NY,  but about the opportunity that it can bring to the many young men in the area and surrounding regions that are looking to achieve similar goals.   This industry is not  a easy one to conquer,  but if the opportunity exists, then it brings  larger hope for  all of those that saw it so far away.

Daniel Roeser of  New York who attended SUNY Plattsburgh  State College,  made the best of his  opportunity when he sacrificed a lot and went down to Delaware to participate in one of the  League wide tryouts.   The team is involved in 3 National tryouts, and they look at near 250 players from all over the world to fill its roster.  But the local boy did it!!  Daniel  exposed tremendous defense  at camp and combined it with great offensive explosiveness.   He had the best defensive play out of all outfielders, while also hitting a Homerun of one of the top pro prospects at camp.

On Friday June 23rd Daniel will be wearing a  RedBirds Uniform when they face the raining champions NY Sullivan County Explorers.  He is one of our own said RedBirds owner Eddie Gonzalez.  And just like all players at this level of Professional baseball  he says he is doing it for the town and the community along  with his family.

To keep a franchise  of this magnitude that provides  such wonderful opportunities for young men in our region, all that is needed is support.  These levels of professional baseball  rely often on ticket sales revenue, and sponsors or donations to be able to house players, and cover miscellaneous expenses that  are additional to the operation expenses of running  a  pro team.  Players always need the help to have daily meals, and cover transportation expenses.

Advertising with the RedBirds and having fans in the stance is what it takes to keep guys like Daniel receiving this wonderful opportunities.  It is  always very rewarding to be a strong contributor , specially with such positive organisations of Rookie Level  Pro Leagues like the Empire League.

Get involved today, dont just be a fan!! Be a partner.  Buy Tickets, or Advertise your business with us, its for a great cause!!

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